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Selection Criteria For Hotel Bathroom Accessories

Did you know an average person spends about 1.5 years of their life in the bathroom? Other than the obvious reasons, there is more to the bathroom than we give credit for. Apart from the bedroom, the bathroom is where we usually begin and end our day. For many, it brings out the solitude behind closed doors and for some, it could bring out their true self. And yet, most of us end up not giving it too much importance. Therefore, it becomes vital to understand and design the space accordingly.

In a hotel, for a paramount guests’ experience, a well-designed and functional bathroom plays a major role. Irrespective of the number of hotel stars and the size of the bathroom, today’s traveler looks at the functionality and aesthetics of the bath area in guestrooms. To make the bathroom space functional and aesthetically pleasing, a wide range of bathroom accessories are available out there.

For a midscale 100 room hotel with approximately 104 bathrooms, each bathroom of around 70 sqft, the total cost of bathroom accessories comes to a lumpsum of $25000-$35000. This cost includes all the necessary bath accessories and comes to around 0.25% of the entire project valuation.

When it comes to good hotel bathroom design there is more to contemplate other than choosing just the paints and tiles. From small soap dishes to towel bars and shelves, toilet and bathroom accessories cover a varied range of products. Bathroom accessories define the style and add a distinctive charm to the bathroom space. They contribute to the overall comfort and look of the bathroom. Adding small and big accessories that provide utility will definitely benefit your bathroom and improve the guest experience.

PROCUREMENT FACT: “Studying the feasibility of the different options.”

Many different aspects need to be considered for picking the right hotel bathroom accessories from utility to choosing the right finish, design, etc.
Here are a few points to keep in mind while picking the accessories for your bathroom.

Bathroom Layout

There isn’t a lot of flexibility when it comes to the layout of the bathroom. Regardless of the size, there are countless options when it comes to how to accessorize it. Assess the bathroom in terms of the space, placement of bathroom fixtures, and the required utilities. Space need not necessarily dictate your bathroom accessories. Although a larger bathroom space may provide more flexibility and freedom of choice, using space cleverly together with the correctly styled accessories can produce the desired look for your bathroom. Based on the layout of your bathroom, you can make a list of all the accessories/hardware that could fit into it. The right set of accessories and how they are arranged can complement a bathroom while negating the problems of layout or space. For example, adding a mirror in a small bathroom can create an illusion of space and size.

Hotel Plumbing Fixtures

Material Selection

When it comes to toilet accessories, the market gives a wide variety of materials to choose from – Stainless Steel, Brass, Zinc, Alloys of Zinc and Stainless steel, Glass, ABS plastic, Nylon, etc. The base material/composition of the accessory plays a vital role in terms of the longevity of the product and aesthetics. Your bathroom hardware should be able to withstand touch over and over again, as well as get wet without significant degradation. For this reason, organic materials like wood are rarely used in bathroom hardware. Based on the budget and the look you want to go for, picking the right material is extremely important.

Brass – Brass is a solid bet for bathroom fixtures, as all-brass made hardware can last for many years. They’re also less likely to corrode. So, it’s often worth paying a little extra for brass bathroom hardware.
Stainless Steel – Stainless steel is the most common base metal for bathroom accessories. As per the requirement, the composition of nickel and chromium may vary but overall, 304 Stainless Steel (18% chromium and 8% nickel) is commonly used.
Zinc – If you are looking for very cost-effective options, Zinc is the base material to pick. The cheaper price also means it is less durable compared to Brass and Stainless Steel.
Alloy – (zinc + SS) – To balance the cost and quality, sometimes manufacturers offer an alloy of zinc with brass or stainless steel. This ensures the durability of the hardware is better than zinc hardware while also being less expensive.
Plastic ABS – Plastic or PVC is a popular material used in the manufacture of some accessories. Their advantage is that they are the most inexpensive and can be easily replaced. On the downside, plastic models are easily worn out and can also be easily damaged. Although for products like Shower and Tub seats, it is a great material to pick because of its resistance to water and moisture.

Design of Toilet Accessories

Toilet accessories come in different shape and designs. The look of the bathroom space is overall defined by the style or design of the chosen accessories. Choosing the design that is right for you is an entirely personal decision. In general, it pays to keep your bathroom design scheme relatively consistent. A modern, high-tech shower might look out of place with an antique decor. However, toilet accessories are a great place to insert a little bit of quirkiness or personal character since they are most often small, inconspicuous touches.

Finish of Toilet Accessories

Once the design has been finalized, picking a finish is important. While picking a colour, the overall aesthetics and interiors of the bathroom need to be considered. Manufacturers provide a vast range of finish options to pick from.

Hotel Plumbing and Bathroom Fixtures

Some of the most easily found finishes are:
Chrome – Chrome is a more popular finish because of its versatility. It is less expensive compared to other finishes. It is easy to clean and maintain. Its neutral color look will be easy to match the accessories with the interiors of any bathroom. The polished shiny look of chrome gives a very expensive look even when it isn’t.
Satin – Satin finish features the classic brushed-over look similar to true stainless-steel metal. It hides water spots better than polish or chrome and looks neat and modern.
Matte Black – Adding Matte Black accessories to your bathroom can amp up the look entirely. Although it is easy to maintain, finding the right design in this finish could be a challenge as it may have lesser options and turn out to be more expensive.
Gold – Gold finish is having a comeback. If you are looking to create a sophisticated finish that complements any style or you want to go for an antique look, Gold is the color to go for. The warm and soft hue of gold gives a pleasing effect to the room. But it comes inexpensive compared to the other finishes.
Rose Gold – You can use rose gold throughout your home, but one of the easiest places to incorporate this color is in the bathroom. Rose gold accessories look simply stunning in a chic, modern bathroom, as they lend a touch of luxury and elegance to the room.


While picking the right accessories you want for your bathroom, always keep in mind the usage of the bathroom. You might want to add a grab bar along the water closet or shower to provide provision for the elderly people to use it. Also, utility and functionality of each item should be considered otherwise you might end up having too many accessories making the bathroom look cluttered.



All in all, a bathroom is not only a place of convenience but also a relaxing and aesthetically pleasing space. Make sure the toilet accessories serve the purpose, streamline and organize the bathroom while also adding to the look and feel of it.

The hotel baths offer a WOW factor all on their own and become a branding asset for the top-notch hotel companies. These hotel companies sure know how to get in a lather about choosing the perfect product line.

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