Parameter Guide For Selecting The Right Doors

To select the right door, there are several parameters that need to be considered. Be it hospitality (hotels), residential, commercial, industrial, senior living, multifamily, student housing, airport terminals, government, mixed-use, educational, healthcare or any other type of project, there are certain parameter that one needs to consider for selecting the right doors for the project.

This list of parameters can be used by architects while specifying the doors for a project, can be used by quantity and cost estimators for selecting the right type of door. This comprehensive list explains various essential parameters that are found in the door schedules as well as on the plans for effectively selecting the right door.

20 Important Parameters to Select The Right Door:

  1. Door Marks:  Door Marks serve as unique identifiers for different types of doors in the schedule, facilitating easy referencing on plans.
  2. Door Size:  Door Size specifies critical dimensions like width, height, and thickness, crucial for proper fitting and functionality
  3. Door Elevation:  This parameter refers to the specific architectural style of the door as indicated in the drawings.
  4. Door Material:  The Door Material in the schedule specifies the construction material to be used for a given door be it wood, hollow metal, fiberglass, impacting durability and aesthetics.
  5. Door Type:  The Door Type clarifies the specific door mechanism, whether it’s a Swing, Bi-fold, Barn, By-Pass, or Pocket door.
  6. Door Core: Typically found in specifications, Door Core indicates the type of inner core material for the door, affecting its strength and insulation properties.
  7. Door Location: Door Location on plans signifies where each door is positioned within the building layout.
  8. Door Finish:This parameter defines the surface treatment or finish required for a door, contributing to its appearance and protection.
  9. Leaf Count:This To determine the number of door leaves (individual panels or sections), reference the plans for a proper installation.
  10. Door Assembly:This parameter specifies whether the door is pre-hung (pre-installed in a frame) or not, impacting installation requirements.
  11. Hand of Opening:
    Recognizable on plans, this parameter clarifies the door’s swing/slide direction, essential for correct machining.
  12. Fire Rating:
    The Fire Rating on a door schedule or specs is a critical safety parameter, indicating the door’s ability to withstand fire for a specified duration.
  13. STC (Sound Transmission Class):
    This parameter quantifies the door’s sound insulation properties, crucial for noise control in various settings.
  14. Wall Type:
    Wall Type defines the type of wall where the door will be installed, guiding construction and installation requirements.
  15. Wall/Throat Thickness:
    This parameter details the thickness of the frame throat where the door will be placed, affecting door and frame compatibility.
  16. Int/Ext:
    It signifies whether the door location is interior or exterior, a key consideration for weather resistance and security.
  17. Frame Material:
    It denotes the material for the door frame, complementing the door material for both structural integrity and design.
  18. Frame Finish:
    This parameter informs about the finish applied to the frame, affecting the overall aesthetic of the door.
  19. Frame Type:
    The Frame Type specification guides the selection of the appropriate frame design for the door.
  20. Hardware Set:
    This parameter in the schedule lists the hardware set number necessary for each door, with further details usually found in plans or specifications.

Make A Perfect Choice

In conclusion, the selection of the right doors is a critical decision that impacts functionality, safety, and aesthetics of any architectural project. All these parameters ensure the doors function seamlessly, meet safety and security requirements, and enhances the overall appeal of the space. At AORBIS Inc. we supply doors, hardware, and frames taking into consideration above mentioned parameters to meet all the project requirements effectively.

Selecting the right doors is more than a necessity; it’s an ART. The right door leaves a lasting impression.

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