Emergency Lights

At AORBIS we have just what you need for your next project. AORBIS procures all kinds of emergency lights that best suit your needs. Injection-molded emergency lights with thermoplastic ABS housing operating at 0°C~40°C. These emergency lights come with the discharge time of 90 minutes and a standard input voltage of 120/227 volts.

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One of the most important life safety lighting solutions that AORBIS procures is emergency lights. Beat power outages, escape fires and other disasters at the right time by equipping and illuminating your hotel, residential, commercial or industrial spaces with best quality, easy to install and compact emergency lighting at just the right prices, from AORBIS. In addition to quality, these indoor lights are injection molded emergency lights with thermoplastic ABS housing and come with a battery of discharge time 1.5 hours and 120/227 voltage and upto 4W output.

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