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Selection Criteria For Hotel Bathroom Accessories

Did you know an average person spends about 1.5 years of their life in the bathroom? Other than the obvious reasons, there is more to the bathroom than we give credit for. Apart from the bedroom, the bathroom is where we usually begin and end our day. For many, it brings out the solitude behind closed doors and for some, it could bring out their true self. And yet, most of us end up not giving it too much importance. Therefore, it becomes vital to understand and design the space accordingly.

In a hotel, for a paramount guests’ experience, a well-designed and functional bathroom plays a major role. Irrespective of the number of hotel stars and the size of the bathroom, today’s traveler looks at the functionality and aesthetics of the bath area in guestrooms. To make the bathroom space functional and aesthetically pleasing, a wide range of bathroom accessories are available out there.

For a midscale 100 room hotel with approximately 104 bathrooms, each bathroom of around 70 sqft, the total cost of bathroom accessories comes to a lumpsum of $25000-$35000. This cost includes all the necessary bath accessories and comes to around 0.25% of the entire project valuation.

When it comes to good hotel bathroom design there is more to contemplate other than choosing just the paints and tiles. From small soap dishes to towel bars and shelves, toilet and bathroom accessories cover a varied range of products. Bathroom accessories define the style and add a distinctive charm to the bathroom space. They contribute to the overall comfort and look of the bathroom. Adding small and big accessories that provide utility will definitely benefit your bathroom and improve the guest experience.

PROCUREMENT FACT: “Studying the feasibility of the different options.”

Many different aspects need to be considered for picking the right hotel bathroom accessories from utility to choosing the right finish, design, etc.
Here are a few points to keep in mind while picking the accessories for your bathroom.

Bathroom Layout

There isn’t a lot of flexibility when it comes to the layout of the bathroom. Regardless of the size, there are countless options when it comes to how to accessorize it. Assess the bathroom in terms of the space, placement of bathroom fixtures, and the required utilities. Space need not necessarily dictate your bathroom accessories. Although a larger bathroom space may provide more flexibility and freedom of choice, using space cleverly together with the correctly styled accessories can produce the desired look for your bathroom. Based on the layout of your bathroom, you can make a list of all the accessories/hardware that could fit into it. The right set of accessories and how they are arranged can complement a bathroom while negating the problems of layout or space. For example, adding a mirror in a small bathroom can create an illusion of space and size. Continue reading Selection Criteria For Hotel Bathroom Accessories